Sunday, December 28, 2008

Makan di mana?


Are you interested in mountain climbing? Come to Sabah and climb Mount Kinabalu the highest mountain in Asia.

Do you love the sea? In love with scuba diving? then come to Sabah. We have beautiful islands like Sipadan,Mabul,Manukan to name a few.

Bird Watching?
Ahha......Come to Sabah too.

Well!!..... we have almost everything. You just have to come and see it yourself.

Where to stay? Not to worry. We have numbers of accommodation from lodging domitories to five star hotels. Choose what you like and where you like,its up to you.

Where to eat? This is what i want to talk about. Makan di mana?

We have too many.........restaurants, coffee houses even warongs.Warong is a traditional food kiosk where hawkers sell ready made food.And there are varieties for you to choose from.

But there is one particular place i like to mention and that is AEIZA CAFE.

AEIZA CAFE is a very simple three star restaurant serving mainly local delicasies,malay food in particular.Situated at the heart of the city of Kota Kinabalu in an area known as Api-Api Centre.Surrounded by hotels and shopping complexes, AEIZA CAFE has become one of the most talked about restaurant in the city.

But what i want to talk about here is not the menus or the food available in AEIZA CAFE but how this place has become a place for people in the city to linger around and pass their time.

is open 24 hours a day therefore many of the city dwellers find it easy to pass their nights just sitting around watching tv while enjoying themselves with a glass of teh tarik and a plate of nasi goreng AEIZA special.

For two days in a couple of months AEIZA CAFE will be closed for cleaning and rest. At this time her regular customers will start complaining saying things like 'hai ya kenapa tutup oo,kami mana mau makan?' (hey, why do you close,where are we to eat?) or ' alamak...tutup kah? berapa hari? di mana lah kami mau lepak ni? ( oh dear,are you close? how many days? where can we sit around to pass time?) close or not to close.But AEIZA CAFE is very particular when it comes to cleanliness so she make sure that general cleaning is done once in every couple of months.

Who was here? I will tell you more when we meet again.Chow!!