Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm a Tiger

14 February 2010 is just round the corner.It should be the happiest day of my life.Its a triple happiness,triple wealth,triple prosperity and triple longevity for me.Why......?

Well....14 February the whole world celebrates Valentine's Day....a day to remember....a day to cherish and to show your love to your loved ones.Be it your spouse,your children,your parents,your siblings and your friends.....

14 February is also a Chinese New Year....a new beginning especially for those who are born in the year of a tiger.....TIGERRRRR......I was born in the year of a tiger....that's why it a triple happiness for me....yessss.

I am really looking forward to this new year.In fact....i've been looking forward for all new years be it chinese or English or Arabs....whatever...and actually eversince I started my cafe business i've never look is always forward and forward and forward until.....i don't know...i guess untill the end of time.

Tomorrow i'm going to meet my landlord to renew my rental agreement.I hope he won't take back this shop.Please my dear landlord, let me continue renting your premise.This is a matter of life and death to me.....sort of.Tell you the truth....i really don't know what i should be doing IF my landlord refuse to renew my contract.It felt like i'm forced to tear off part of my body should i ever stop running this cafe.I have blended into this cafe.....I am AEIZA CAFE....AEIZA CAFE is me.....oh please Allah,hear me.

Well....que sera sera.....what ever will be will be....I've done my very best in running this cafe. I pay my rents on time all through this nine years....never missed not even once.Should my landlord say ....hey dude....your time is up man....I guess i should accept,shake his hand and say....thanks dude for the oppotunity and the time you've given me.....and off looking for a new place.....a new start......a new beggining (again....????).

Anyway......Happy Valentine's Day,Happy Chinese New Year....and for all of you tigers out there ........always focus and move forwarddddd.........Adiosss....Chow

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Two weeks ago a boy aged between 11-12 years old went missing in Api-Api Centre,Kota Kinabalu. Today...another boy nearly kidnapped.Lucky enough his aunt noticed.Otherwise.....god knows what will happen.

I was at Wawasan Plaza today (18 Nov 2009) when this happen.It was around 5.30pm when I went for shopping.I overheard the boy's mother yelling and scolding her son over the incident. I guess the anger arouse from her fear of losing her son.Thank god for his aunty's alertness.

According to the boy's aunt...they were walking together when the boy began to wander by himself. Suddenly a stranger came and grab the boy by his arm and took him to the elevator.The boy didn't scream neither did he try to break loose.He just let himself being pulled by the stranger.

The boy's aunt quickly stop the stranger and pull the boy away.Yet she manage to ask the stranger a question Why did you take him with you? ....Ohh I was just kidding around....answered the stranger.Hahh...kidding around aye....?

Now to all of you parents out there....BEWARE....kidnappers are on the loose.Never let your children wandering alone away from you especially at a crowded place like shopping complexes. Make sure that they are always by your side no matter how busy you are shopping or banking... whatever.Your children safety must always be your number one priority.

And children....take good care of yourself.Listen to your parents advice.Always listen to your parents.Do not let others especially strangers take advantage of you.If you sensed danger... scream out loud.Get help.Beware and be alert all the time.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A place to meet

Its been so long since my last entry in February this year.I've been very busy managing my other blogs and recently managing my facebook.Hahhh.....Facebook is really time consuming but exciting.Well....Do visit me in my facebook sometimes.

I thought I saw Rozan@Muralang Jr yesterday here in my cafe but he looks much younger and handsome when compared to the photograph he use in his blog.He is also tall and slender.Is this my little cousin....I was asking myself.....does he recognise me....well...I don't think so.He was not even born yet when I left Tandek to pursue my studies in Kota Kinabalu back in 1977.

I was thinking of introducing myself to him and waited for the right moment. He was quite busy entertaining his friends.But before I manage to talk to him he had left.Ohh...well...there'll be other time.I'm sure we'll meet again cousin....

Last week on friday 9th of October 2009, a few of my friends and fellow bloggers at Suara Anak Marudu came over.They're Sanguru,Illie,Tompinai and Little Mike.Dinakan joined them later.I was very happy to see them. This is the first time we met and certainly won't be the last except for Sanguru of course.Sanguru is my cousin too just like Rozan, and I see him every now and then.As for Illie and Little Mike....they are actually related to my mother.

How ignorant of me...I forgot to take pictures of them.May be because I was busy asking Illie about Japan since he lives in Kyoto for eleven years now.I must remind myself to get armed with a camera all the time so that I could capture every historic moments of the day.

Business as usual in this little cafe day in day out.I had ventured into agriculture as a way to diversify.In todays world you could stick to one spouse (husband or wife) but you can't stick to one business.You had to diversify and multiply.So every week end I'll be in Tandek managing my farm.

Well...till we meet again....adios chowww!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Aeiza Cafe - the beginning

BoldApril 16,2001 - I started running my coffee shop in Api-Api Centre.I had to move out of Plaza Wawasan to find a better place.I was sorry and sad.Its hard for me to leave this place because this is where Aeiza was born.

But I have no choice.Prices of goods increased and so does rental prices due to the economic recession.The management of Plaza Wawasan had increased our rental too and I can't afford to pay such a high rental fee.I had to increase my sales volume to be able to cover all the expenses. And here in this foodcourt my sales is limited to Nasi Campur alone so I had to find myself a place where I can sell anything I want.

I found a place at Api-Api Centre and took it right away.I said to myself this is good...fengshui go for it.AEIZA CAFE here I come....Mind you,actually I don't have the money to run a restaurant.People said we need at least RM60k to run such a business but I had only RM13k at the time plus a little courage and ideas and a strong belief in myself that I could if I would and I should.So like my fellow kampung Tandek folks said logot-logoton and main barani sija bah I run my restaurant (actually I would prefer to call it a coffee shop or kadai kupi) on the 16th of April 2001 with the help of 13 workers and changed my shop's name from Sri Aeiza to Aeiza Cafe.

Lucky enough, many people came and supported me.Office workers, bankers, businessmen, politician even artiste and sports celebrities came to this small cafe of mine.I am really thankful to Allah SWT for giving me this opportunity.Here in this cafe, I gain a lot of friends from all over Malaysia and a few others from the overseas.

Hans Isaac and my waitress.

Since Aeiza Cafe is open 24 hours a day,I spend most of my time in this cafe.It has become my second house.Tired I may be but I could never be bored because here I see a lot of interesting people (like Hans Isaac to name a few ehemm... what a handsome creature he is...) and hear many interesting stories.Everyday is a new day and always better than the day before.You can't tell who's coming .....

Rashid Sidek

A friend of mine suggested that I turn my coffee shop into a celebrity corner because there were so many celebrities that came here.Well I guess its a good idea but I have to get myself armed with a camera all the time.

Razak Ahmad and crew

Well....I guess I should say good bye for now.Till we meet again.....Chow!! Adiosss....Salaammm.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hi again,

How's life? Should be fine i guess.Well Chinese New Year is just round the corner and i would like to wish all chinese citizen in Malaysia and everywhere a very happy chinese new year...Gong xi fa cai shie nen kuay ler....may this year be a happy and prosperous year for all.

According to the chinese calendar this year is the year of the ox.Now i am not a feng shui guru,in fact i hardly know anything about feng shui but i think this year is a good year to cattle breeders.Why do i say that?....because last year was the year of the rat and i really had a very bad rat experience.There were rats everywhere in the city.There never was a day that i did not see a rat.It is always running here and there even in cinemas.Mind you....even the film industry take advantage of this rat by producing a movie potraying a rat that can cook.I'm sure you remember rattatoulie.Did i spell it right ?

Yesterday in the papers,a cattle breeder from Tawau had a joyful day for his cow had a twin calves.Now that is a good sign.So all cattle breeders should be very happy this year.According to the chinese believe those who are born in the year of the ox are actually born leader but they have to work hard for it.Only through hard work that they will achieve success.It shouldn't be a problem to those who were born in the year of the ox for they are very hard working.

Now, i believe this should be applied by everyone not just those who were born in the year of the ox.To me there is no born leader.Everybody must work hard to achieve success.Some may have an easy road and some might experience a rough bumpy road like i do.But there is no turning back.No matter how rough and bumpy it is we should go on.

Remember in my earlier post i talked about how my two young sons were being abducted by my babysitter....?Well that morning as usual i rushed to work leaving my two little babies under the care of my babysitter.All through the time while doing my chores i had this feeling i just couldn't explain.So i called home,nobody answer the phone.I thought may be they went to the park.After an hour or so i called again and yet nobody answer the phone.Now its almost noon,where could they be...its too hot to play in the park at this hour....i talked to myself.

Then my husband came and i asked him to check on the children.He rushed home and found that there is no one at home.He called the guard and asked if he had seen our babysitter and the children anywhere....aahhh...they went to the park sir...said the guard.So my husband rushed to the park and see no one there.Who would want to sit in the park at 12 noon...?

Worried and anger criss-crossing my husband mind while he drove to Telipok.Luckily we know where our babysitter live.So my husband drove there hoping to find our children and he did.The children were there sleeping safe and sound.They must be very tired and my husband took them home.I myself was so worried,my knees felt like jelly.I kept blaming myself for not looking after the children myself.Had i not taken up this business, i would be home for the children.Nothing like this would happen to them.

For the safety of my children my mother in law offered to look after them while i am working.So i send them over to my inlaws home.She motivated me to go on with my business and never give up.This is part and parcel of life she said and that i had to accept it.Where ever you go and what ever you do,there will always be a problem.There will always be obstacles that lies one after the other.What you should do is to find ways to encounter such problems,overcome the obstacle.From there you will learn and become a better person.You will be a lot wiser and come what will be able to handle it like never before.My mother in law is a very strong Dusun Tambunan woman and wise too.I thank her a lot.She may be fierce but i love her just like my own mother.

The children were happy with their grandmother, i am able to work with an easy mind but my husband lost his car.Two happenings in a week....what a challenging week it was? My husband made a police report but the police said so himself we can't promise you anything.So we bought and old second hand land cruiser BJ60.

It had come to my knowledge that what happen was my babysitter had a boyfriend and they wanted to go back to the Philipines.They had no money so they took the children away hoping that they would be able to sell them off.But her mother stopped her and kept my children at her house.Angry with their failure,they took off with my husband car instead.

Well what is the value of a car when compared to the children....One lesson i learned....always find out the backgrounds of your servants,find out where they live and who their parents are.And to be successful never ever give up and always plan ahead.Even though the future is not ours to see,but at least we know where we stand and what step to take.

Que sera sera.........chow! Adios ! Salaaammmm....

Friday, January 9, 2009

Aeiza Cafe - the story behind

Hi again,howdy?

It's been a long time since my last post.I was quite busy.There is so much things to do.Having a "to do" list does help quite a bit.At least it helps me stay on the right track.Well,about Aeiza Cafe there is quite an interesting story behind.

It was way back in the year 1998 on the 23rd day in the month of november to be exact;that Aeiza was born.It started when a friend of mine had asked me to take over her food stall located in a foodcourt at the 3rd floor of a newly erected building named Wawasan Plaza.

I was rather sceptical at that time whether I should or should not take over her business.But my friend was very persuasive.She asked me to simply start running the stall without paying her a single cent not even a deposit.She even allow me to use all her kitchen utensils since I don't have any.She said to me " start the business first and pay me later" and it was really later when I paid her.

With a start up capital of Rm600 I took over my friend's business.Still in the dark,not knowing what to expect,I step into the stall and say to myself today is the first day of the rest of my life.23rd November 1998 it was my sister Sabariah's birthday and also the birth of my Aeiza or otherwise known as Sri Aeiza at that time.

At Sri Aeiza (a very pretty name chosen by my friend Puan Hajah Faridah,a very sweet humble lady from Negeri Sembilan - May Allah SWT bless her in all her future undertakings) I was a cook,a kitchen helper,a cleaner,a waitress and a cashier at the same time.Meaning I had to do everything myself which shouldn't be.And I just can't forget my sales figure on that very historical day........Rm123.00.....hahaha.Anyway one would give you that amount for free.

I was indeed very lucky I guess,my three handsome sons Junaidy,Firdaus and Mohammad Hisyam aged between 12,11 and 10 at that time, willingly help me run the stall the entire school holiday.They get up as early as 4am and came home at around 9pm daily.Realising the fact that I cannot simply rely on my children I employed 2 workers as helpers.But since I cannot afford to employ a cook,I had to do the cooking myself from A to Z.

With a little tip off from my dear friend,I had a rough idea on the likes and dislikes of the community in the area.So I cooked all the dishes whole-heartedly hoping that the customers will enjoy it.Frankly,I am not very good in cooking before I started the food business.At home I just simply dumped everything in the wok and stir more secret mate!!

But I guess its true when people say that it is all in the mind and with a proper mind control and discipline we can overcome whatever obstacles that lies ahead of us.I motivated myself.I kept telling myself that I can,I would and I should.And gratefully I did.

I had all the help and support that I need from my dearest husband,my beloved children,my in-laws,my brothers and sisters.I am indeed very grateful to be born in a very closely knitted happy family.But most of all I am very thankful to Allah SWT to have shown me the way and closely guide me in every step I make.And to my late parents may Allah SWT blessed them and laid them to rest with all the Syuhadah, for they have taught me a lot of wonderful things that I couldn't have learned from others.

In my childhood days my parents taught me how to run my life on my own.Whenever I came to see my father in his office asking for advice, my father would say to me where there is a will there is a way.And my mother would say do unto others what you want others to do unto you and biarlah kita susah asalkan kita tidak menyusahkan orang lain.(there is nothing wrong for us to be poor as long as we do not disturb others).

My mother taught me how to run a business from a very early aged,ever since I could remember.In fact every each one of us in the family were taught the same.We sell a variety of products from vegetables,eggs,jelly and cakes, to copra and maize even buffaloes and cows too.With all these experiences I had,I kept myself highly spirited and used them as a shield to protect myself from falling whenever a problem arise.

I had all my ups and downs.And one bad experience I just couldn't forget was when my two sons Farul aged two years old and Daniel aged eight months at that time were taken away by my babysitter.Why and did we managed to get them (Farul and Daniel) back......? I will tell you later when we meet again.

Chow!! Adios!! Wasalam.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Makan di mana?


Are you interested in mountain climbing? Come to Sabah and climb Mount Kinabalu the highest mountain in Asia.

Do you love the sea? In love with scuba diving? then come to Sabah. We have beautiful islands like Sipadan,Mabul,Manukan to name a few.

Bird Watching?
Ahha......Come to Sabah too.

Well!!..... we have almost everything. You just have to come and see it yourself.

Where to stay? Not to worry. We have numbers of accommodation from lodging domitories to five star hotels. Choose what you like and where you like,its up to you.

Where to eat? This is what i want to talk about. Makan di mana?

We have too many.........restaurants, coffee houses even warongs.Warong is a traditional food kiosk where hawkers sell ready made food.And there are varieties for you to choose from.

But there is one particular place i like to mention and that is AEIZA CAFE.

AEIZA CAFE is a very simple three star restaurant serving mainly local delicasies,malay food in particular.Situated at the heart of the city of Kota Kinabalu in an area known as Api-Api Centre.Surrounded by hotels and shopping complexes, AEIZA CAFE has become one of the most talked about restaurant in the city.

But what i want to talk about here is not the menus or the food available in AEIZA CAFE but how this place has become a place for people in the city to linger around and pass their time.

is open 24 hours a day therefore many of the city dwellers find it easy to pass their nights just sitting around watching tv while enjoying themselves with a glass of teh tarik and a plate of nasi goreng AEIZA special.

For two days in a couple of months AEIZA CAFE will be closed for cleaning and rest. At this time her regular customers will start complaining saying things like 'hai ya kenapa tutup oo,kami mana mau makan?' (hey, why do you close,where are we to eat?) or ' alamak...tutup kah? berapa hari? di mana lah kami mau lepak ni? ( oh dear,are you close? how many days? where can we sit around to pass time?) close or not to close.But AEIZA CAFE is very particular when it comes to cleanliness so she make sure that general cleaning is done once in every couple of months.

Who was here? I will tell you more when we meet again.Chow!!