Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hi again,

How's life? Should be fine i guess.Well Chinese New Year is just round the corner and i would like to wish all chinese citizen in Malaysia and everywhere a very happy chinese new year...Gong xi fa cai shie nen kuay ler....may this year be a happy and prosperous year for all.

According to the chinese calendar this year is the year of the ox.Now i am not a feng shui guru,in fact i hardly know anything about feng shui but i think this year is a good year to cattle breeders.Why do i say that?....because last year was the year of the rat and i really had a very bad rat experience.There were rats everywhere in the city.There never was a day that i did not see a rat.It is always running here and there even in cinemas.Mind you....even the film industry take advantage of this rat by producing a movie potraying a rat that can cook.I'm sure you remember rattatoulie.Did i spell it right ?

Yesterday in the papers,a cattle breeder from Tawau had a joyful day for his cow had a twin calves.Now that is a good sign.So all cattle breeders should be very happy this year.According to the chinese believe those who are born in the year of the ox are actually born leader but they have to work hard for it.Only through hard work that they will achieve success.It shouldn't be a problem to those who were born in the year of the ox for they are very hard working.

Now, i believe this should be applied by everyone not just those who were born in the year of the ox.To me there is no born leader.Everybody must work hard to achieve success.Some may have an easy road and some might experience a rough bumpy road like i do.But there is no turning back.No matter how rough and bumpy it is we should go on.

Remember in my earlier post i talked about how my two young sons were being abducted by my babysitter....?Well that morning as usual i rushed to work leaving my two little babies under the care of my babysitter.All through the time while doing my chores i had this feeling i just couldn't explain.So i called home,nobody answer the phone.I thought may be they went to the park.After an hour or so i called again and yet nobody answer the phone.Now its almost noon,where could they be...its too hot to play in the park at this hour....i talked to myself.

Then my husband came and i asked him to check on the children.He rushed home and found that there is no one at home.He called the guard and asked if he had seen our babysitter and the children anywhere....aahhh...they went to the park sir...said the guard.So my husband rushed to the park and see no one there.Who would want to sit in the park at 12 noon...?

Worried and anger criss-crossing my husband mind while he drove to Telipok.Luckily we know where our babysitter live.So my husband drove there hoping to find our children and he did.The children were there sleeping safe and sound.They must be very tired and my husband took them home.I myself was so worried,my knees felt like jelly.I kept blaming myself for not looking after the children myself.Had i not taken up this business, i would be home for the children.Nothing like this would happen to them.

For the safety of my children my mother in law offered to look after them while i am working.So i send them over to my inlaws home.She motivated me to go on with my business and never give up.This is part and parcel of life she said and that i had to accept it.Where ever you go and what ever you do,there will always be a problem.There will always be obstacles that lies one after the other.What you should do is to find ways to encounter such problems,overcome the obstacle.From there you will learn and become a better person.You will be a lot wiser and come what will be able to handle it like never before.My mother in law is a very strong Dusun Tambunan woman and wise too.I thank her a lot.She may be fierce but i love her just like my own mother.

The children were happy with their grandmother, i am able to work with an easy mind but my husband lost his car.Two happenings in a week....what a challenging week it was? My husband made a police report but the police said so himself we can't promise you anything.So we bought and old second hand land cruiser BJ60.

It had come to my knowledge that what happen was my babysitter had a boyfriend and they wanted to go back to the Philipines.They had no money so they took the children away hoping that they would be able to sell them off.But her mother stopped her and kept my children at her house.Angry with their failure,they took off with my husband car instead.

Well what is the value of a car when compared to the children....One lesson i learned....always find out the backgrounds of your servants,find out where they live and who their parents are.And to be successful never ever give up and always plan ahead.Even though the future is not ours to see,but at least we know where we stand and what step to take.

Que sera sera.........chow! Adios ! Salaaammmm....


  1. wow!... ada pula kes mcm tu. Baru akau tau. ish ish ish... sukurla semua ok juga. agayo suda dorang sumaa kekeke

  2. Ya syukurlah semua selamat.Agayo om handsome no tongo tanganak tidino.hehe

  3. wah.. nasib baik bagus juga mama tu maid... kalau nda tidak la gwa ternampak muka anak-anak buah ku yang encom2 belaka ni...

  4. Gong Xi Fa Cai
    Sin Nien Jin Pu
    Wan She Ru Yi

  5. Wah! never heard of this part of your lifestory.Lucky me, I only lost money & my emas2. My hubby always tells me, its becuz I don't bayar zakat (tapi my valuables tu ndak layak dizakat pn, sdh ku check)but I think its more to perangai orang yg kuat mencuri. Another thing I wanna comment here, terror pla English mu ya Ose.....