Friday, January 9, 2009

Aeiza Cafe - the story behind

Hi again,howdy?

It's been a long time since my last post.I was quite busy.There is so much things to do.Having a "to do" list does help quite a bit.At least it helps me stay on the right track.Well,about Aeiza Cafe there is quite an interesting story behind.

It was way back in the year 1998 on the 23rd day in the month of november to be exact;that Aeiza was born.It started when a friend of mine had asked me to take over her food stall located in a foodcourt at the 3rd floor of a newly erected building named Wawasan Plaza.

I was rather sceptical at that time whether I should or should not take over her business.But my friend was very persuasive.She asked me to simply start running the stall without paying her a single cent not even a deposit.She even allow me to use all her kitchen utensils since I don't have any.She said to me " start the business first and pay me later" and it was really later when I paid her.

With a start up capital of Rm600 I took over my friend's business.Still in the dark,not knowing what to expect,I step into the stall and say to myself today is the first day of the rest of my life.23rd November 1998 it was my sister Sabariah's birthday and also the birth of my Aeiza or otherwise known as Sri Aeiza at that time.

At Sri Aeiza (a very pretty name chosen by my friend Puan Hajah Faridah,a very sweet humble lady from Negeri Sembilan - May Allah SWT bless her in all her future undertakings) I was a cook,a kitchen helper,a cleaner,a waitress and a cashier at the same time.Meaning I had to do everything myself which shouldn't be.And I just can't forget my sales figure on that very historical day........Rm123.00.....hahaha.Anyway one would give you that amount for free.

I was indeed very lucky I guess,my three handsome sons Junaidy,Firdaus and Mohammad Hisyam aged between 12,11 and 10 at that time, willingly help me run the stall the entire school holiday.They get up as early as 4am and came home at around 9pm daily.Realising the fact that I cannot simply rely on my children I employed 2 workers as helpers.But since I cannot afford to employ a cook,I had to do the cooking myself from A to Z.

With a little tip off from my dear friend,I had a rough idea on the likes and dislikes of the community in the area.So I cooked all the dishes whole-heartedly hoping that the customers will enjoy it.Frankly,I am not very good in cooking before I started the food business.At home I just simply dumped everything in the wok and stir more secret mate!!

But I guess its true when people say that it is all in the mind and with a proper mind control and discipline we can overcome whatever obstacles that lies ahead of us.I motivated myself.I kept telling myself that I can,I would and I should.And gratefully I did.

I had all the help and support that I need from my dearest husband,my beloved children,my in-laws,my brothers and sisters.I am indeed very grateful to be born in a very closely knitted happy family.But most of all I am very thankful to Allah SWT to have shown me the way and closely guide me in every step I make.And to my late parents may Allah SWT blessed them and laid them to rest with all the Syuhadah, for they have taught me a lot of wonderful things that I couldn't have learned from others.

In my childhood days my parents taught me how to run my life on my own.Whenever I came to see my father in his office asking for advice, my father would say to me where there is a will there is a way.And my mother would say do unto others what you want others to do unto you and biarlah kita susah asalkan kita tidak menyusahkan orang lain.(there is nothing wrong for us to be poor as long as we do not disturb others).

My mother taught me how to run a business from a very early aged,ever since I could remember.In fact every each one of us in the family were taught the same.We sell a variety of products from vegetables,eggs,jelly and cakes, to copra and maize even buffaloes and cows too.With all these experiences I had,I kept myself highly spirited and used them as a shield to protect myself from falling whenever a problem arise.

I had all my ups and downs.And one bad experience I just couldn't forget was when my two sons Farul aged two years old and Daniel aged eight months at that time were taken away by my babysitter.Why and did we managed to get them (Farul and Daniel) back......? I will tell you later when we meet again.

Chow!! Adios!! Wasalam.


  1. hmmm... a very good short biography of Aeiza Cafe. It really is motivating. RM 123.00 a day is a huge amount! now what's your daily figure?

  2. Congratulations - I always remember bapa's motto - where there's a will there is a way. Mama pula, always says - 'if you earn ten cents don't spend 11 cents, spend nine cents and accumulate the 1 cent everytime u earn it without fail.

  3. really interesting.. it gives me motivation to pursue what I want in life. =)

  4. thank daily figure now...? well...enough to make ends meet i guess.hehehe

  5. hi airmas,thanks.Its wonderful to have parents who love and care.Al-Fatihah to both of them.

  6. Well cherry,nothing can stop you.Go for it girl.

  7. Shall visit your cafe to get a try...I frequent Tiara Cafe in Sembulan which belong to my classmate DSP Wan Hassan Wan Ahmad..

  8. thanks Carl.Do come whenever you have the time.I'm proud to say that Aeiza Cafe is the only kimaragang cafe in the city.

  9. Aieza Cafe? Kalau aku ke KK nanti aku cuba cari cafe nih. Tahniah Kyro!I am really proud of you. Cuma aku kalau p KK selalu saja terkejar-kejar. Bila pikir2 balik, ntah bila la berubah aku ni. What is your specialty food? Ada sup?

  10. Hi Furen Laoshi, sup ada....gisak ja tiada...hehehe