Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Aeiza Cafe - the beginning

BoldApril 16,2001 - I started running my coffee shop in Api-Api Centre.I had to move out of Plaza Wawasan to find a better place.I was sorry and sad.Its hard for me to leave this place because this is where Aeiza was born.

But I have no choice.Prices of goods increased and so does rental prices due to the economic recession.The management of Plaza Wawasan had increased our rental too and I can't afford to pay such a high rental fee.I had to increase my sales volume to be able to cover all the expenses. And here in this foodcourt my sales is limited to Nasi Campur alone so I had to find myself a place where I can sell anything I want.

I found a place at Api-Api Centre and took it right away.I said to myself this is it...place good...fengshui good...so go for it.AEIZA CAFE here I come....Mind you,actually I don't have the money to run a restaurant.People said we need at least RM60k to run such a business but I had only RM13k at the time plus a little courage and ideas and a strong belief in myself that I could if I would and I should.So like my fellow kampung Tandek folks said logot-logoton and main barani sija bah I run my restaurant (actually I would prefer to call it a coffee shop or kadai kupi) on the 16th of April 2001 with the help of 13 workers and changed my shop's name from Sri Aeiza to Aeiza Cafe.

Lucky enough, many people came and supported me.Office workers, bankers, businessmen, politician even artiste and sports celebrities came to this small cafe of mine.I am really thankful to Allah SWT for giving me this opportunity.Here in this cafe, I gain a lot of friends from all over Malaysia and a few others from the overseas.

Hans Isaac and my waitress.

Since Aeiza Cafe is open 24 hours a day,I spend most of my time in this cafe.It has become my second house.Tired I may be but I could never be bored because here I see a lot of interesting people (like Hans Isaac to name a few ehemm... what a handsome creature he is...) and hear many interesting stories.Everyday is a new day and always better than the day before.You can't tell who's coming .....

Rashid Sidek

A friend of mine suggested that I turn my coffee shop into a celebrity corner because there were so many celebrities that came here.Well I guess its a good idea but I have to get myself armed with a camera all the time.

Razak Ahmad and crew

Well....I guess I should say good bye for now.Till we meet again.....Chow!! Adiosss....Salaammm.


  1. wow bestnyer - Am a frequent visitor too. The location is strategic and the service friendly. the food - ofcourse I love the 'curry kepala ikan'.

  2. hm... mudah2an bertambah baik business di tahun 2009 ini. aku suka mau makan ikan saija ni skrang. aku notis antara secret dia ialah pembuat air yang konstant rasa dia, terutamanya minuman sensitif seperti teh. Kalau inda pandai buat alamatlah kana kutuk. selalunya org minum teh ini cerewet tau. jadi pastikan pembuat air kau memang buat kerja dengan baik.

  3. Hopefully your business is getting bigger this year..walaupun tengah economic downturn nowadays but people will not stop eating.Selain food taste, sia rasa majoriti org have expectation for cleanliness and the pelayan attitude. I remember time sia makan ngan kawan2, most of them don't like the sound of clattering plate.I will go for the ulam2 and spicy foods as well as soup. Usually the thickness of the soup will be the main criteria...hehehe just sharing the customers'needs.

  4. Thank you very much Furen Laoshi,$en$ei and AragangTandik for your comments and support.I will take your ideas and comments into account.This is the feed back that I need.Thanks again.

  5. why aaa... time sa pigi teda pula hans isaac sana padahal ososuai tu kami eseh... hensom and the beast kakakak...

    osodop kan makanan, lagipun yang sa paling suka aaa ialah ini restoran kan rasa selesa ba mungkin pasal teda dinding jadi banyak angin ooo... best sija....

  6. Nanti sya menyinggah bila sya pigi kk. :)