Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A place to meet

Its been so long since my last entry in February this year.I've been very busy managing my other blogs and recently managing my facebook.Hahhh.....Facebook is really time consuming but exciting.Well....Do visit me in my facebook sometimes.

I thought I saw Rozan@Muralang Jr yesterday here in my cafe but he looks much younger and handsome when compared to the photograph he use in his blog.He is also tall and slender.Is this my little cousin....I was asking myself.....does he recognise me....well...I don't think so.He was not even born yet when I left Tandek to pursue my studies in Kota Kinabalu back in 1977.

I was thinking of introducing myself to him and waited for the right moment. He was quite busy entertaining his friends.But before I manage to talk to him he had left.Ohh...well...there'll be other time.I'm sure we'll meet again cousin....

Last week on friday 9th of October 2009, a few of my friends and fellow bloggers at Suara Anak Marudu came over.They're Sanguru,Illie,Tompinai and Little Mike.Dinakan joined them later.I was very happy to see them. This is the first time we met and certainly won't be the last except for Sanguru of course.Sanguru is my cousin too just like Rozan, and I see him every now and then.As for Illie and Little Mike....they are actually related to my mother.

How ignorant of me...I forgot to take pictures of them.May be because I was busy asking Illie about Japan since he lives in Kyoto for eleven years now.I must remind myself to get armed with a camera all the time so that I could capture every historic moments of the day.

Business as usual in this little cafe day in day out.I had ventured into agriculture as a way to diversify.In todays world you could stick to one spouse (husband or wife) but you can't stick to one business.You had to diversify and multiply.So every week end I'll be in Tandek managing my farm.

Well...till we meet again....adios chowww!!!

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  1. Bah careful with the banana ghost ...kuang3x.. btw insha'alah if u plant banana trees, it will be a runaway success.

    Btw .. visitler my blog ... macam2 ada ...