Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Two weeks ago a boy aged between 11-12 years old went missing in Api-Api Centre,Kota Kinabalu. Today...another boy nearly kidnapped.Lucky enough his aunt noticed.Otherwise.....god knows what will happen.

I was at Wawasan Plaza today (18 Nov 2009) when this happen.It was around 5.30pm when I went for shopping.I overheard the boy's mother yelling and scolding her son over the incident. I guess the anger arouse from her fear of losing her son.Thank god for his aunty's alertness.

According to the boy's aunt...they were walking together when the boy began to wander by himself. Suddenly a stranger came and grab the boy by his arm and took him to the elevator.The boy didn't scream neither did he try to break loose.He just let himself being pulled by the stranger.

The boy's aunt quickly stop the stranger and pull the boy away.Yet she manage to ask the stranger a question Why did you take him with you? ....Ohh I was just kidding around....answered the stranger.Hahh...kidding around aye....?

Now to all of you parents out there....BEWARE....kidnappers are on the loose.Never let your children wandering alone away from you especially at a crowded place like shopping complexes. Make sure that they are always by your side no matter how busy you are shopping or banking... whatever.Your children safety must always be your number one priority.

And children....take good care of yourself.Listen to your parents advice.Always listen to your parents.Do not let others especially strangers take advantage of you.If you sensed danger... scream out loud.Get help.Beware and be alert all the time.

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